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About Us

Changes that occurred in 2000 and the increasing demand for translation services caused a greater need for quality, precise and skilled professional translators and interpreters who are able to meet the most stringent standards of international and domestic corporations.

It was during this time that a dedicated group of translators and interpreters emerged, and these people are the core of our team.

Constantly growing and lead by our clients' desire to integrate our services, we also acquired our own in-house technical equipment. The next step was to provide our clients with logistics assistance by organizing events and large gatherings and now we can organize accommodation, transportation, catering and all other attendant services, with or without translation or interpreting.

Clients who have grown to trust us also gave us the opportunity to lend our expertise as consultants in the fields of human resources, accounting, administration, visual identity design, as well as strategic planning.

Our goals are to stay among the top five companies in our areas of business, to increase the number of satisfied clients and to maintain the highest levels of quality and service.

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Telefon 24/7 +381 (0)63 106 28 36

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